Dr.ofwhat…do you think about these books: 2nd edition


A whole life- Robert Seethaler


Quick overview: This is a short novel about a man who lives in a German Village and has many struggles both psychologically and physically. The story follows his ‘whole life’… who would have thought.

Review: I picked this book up as it was a ‘staff pick’ in my local bookstore. It is a very short novel that could easily be finished in one or two seatings (if you are a quick reader), however the excitement wasn’t there for me to read it quickly. Despite that, the book is packed with eloquently written pages and the story is written in a simple way that makes it feel raw and genuine.

Who would like it? People who appreciate books that are simple but of high quality, not people who need fast past action and/or drama.

David Attenborough: Life on Air- David Attenborough


Quick overview: This is an autobiography of Sir David Attenborough’s early life. It follows his journey into the BBC and his adventures for his early show ‘Zoo Quest’.

Review: I absolutely love David Attenborough, and I think learning about where he came from makes where he is now, in terms of conservation even more impressive, so I loved this aspect of the book. However, I was not able to finish this book, I really struggled with its tiny font and highly scientific language (I had to look up many words!).

Who would like it? People who like David Attenborough obviously, however, as the legend himself is almost universally liked this statement is not completely true. I think only people who have patience and scientific knowledge will enjoy this book. However, luckily we can all enjoy his television masterpieces.

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