Dr.ofwhat…do you think about these books: 1st Edition


There are no spoilers in these book reviews, I promise!
The Light Between Oceans, M L Stedman-

Quick overview: FYI: This novel has recently been turned into a movie which was released a couple of months ago. The story is about a couple who live alone on an Australian island and work as the lighthouse keepers. One day they find a baby washed up on the beach, which is (obviously) the turning point of the story.
Review: I genuinely struggled to put this book down once I had started to read it. I was lucky not to see the trailer for the movie until I was approximately half way through the book,  so much of the story line was a complete surprise which contributed to my addiction to this novel. It is beautifully written and I thoroughly enjoyed the ending as I had no inclination of what the conclusion would be until the very last page. I have not seen the movie yet, so I cannot comment on if it is a good reflection of the book, but I hope it does Stedman’s writing justice!
Who would like it? People who enjoy reading drama that is not predictable.

Alex & Me, Irene M Pepperberg-

Quick overview: This book is an autobiography about scientist Dr. Irene Pepperberg and her ‘colleague’ Alex the African Grey Parrot. Pepperberg studies animal language, and spent many of her early research years conducting studies with Alex to determine what language acquisition he was capable of.
Review: This is a delightful book. Pepperberg is a groundbreaking women who did not take an easy journey to get to where she is academically. Her story is warming, witty, and truly remarkable. I quickly found myself entangled in the story and completely falling in love with Alex and his adventures.
Who would like it? I think this book would appeal to a wide audience- beyond just the scientific community. It would appeal to people who enjoy well written autobiographies, people who love animals, and people who love inspiring true stories.
How to live an adventurous life, Brooke Saward-

Quick overview- Brooke is the creator of the popular travel blog World of Wanderlust and this book is full of her photographs, travel tips and general information.
Review: World of Wanderlust is by far my favourite travel blog so I was so excited when I discovered that Brooke was publishing a book (I pre-ordered it months in advance). When it arrived it did not disappoint! The photography is absolutely stunning, the travel tips are genuinely helpful, and I have always been a sucker for some good inspirational quotes. It is a book I like to pick up and flick through regularly which is a testament to its high quality.
Who would like it? People who love to travel would obviously be the biggest fan of this book, however beyond that, I think anybody who enjoys ‘coffee table’ books would be happy to add this to their collection.

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