Dr.OfWhat is 3!!!!

Dr of what turned 3, which is surely at least 10 years in blog years?

I can’t believe that I had a little idea to document my PhD journey through a blog and on Instagram three years ago, and that it has grown so much since then. Over 6000 followers on Instagram, 379 blog followers, and almost 40,000 blog views! Those numbers continue to surprise and humble me.

I am so incredibly glad that I started my blogging journey three years ago, it has provided me with the opportunity to reflect on so much more than I ever anticipated I would (both good and terrible things).

I have connected with people from all over the world and have even had someone come up to me at an event and ask if I am Dr.OfWhat!!!! That was a really weird and amazing experience.

People have said such lovely things about the content that I share, and I know that so many of my family and friends stay up to date with my life through this blog.

Whenever it is the blog’s birthday, I like to reflect on how far I have come as a blogger, as a PhD student, as a researcher, and as a person… and it makes me think about where this blog and I will go from here…

I am hoping that throughout the next 6 months I will be sharing many posts about finalising and submitting a PhD! Which I guess is what this blog has been leading up to the whole time. I will also be posting more about my transition into industry and share my reflections and experiences on that. There will also hopefully be some more holidays, Airbnb stays, and house updates to share with you all!

If you are reading this post, I want to truly say thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read little pieces of my writing, I truly love being able to share my blog with people all over the world. The fact that so many thousands of eyes read it makes all the long hours worth it.


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