Dr.ofwhat Blog Wrap up: 2018

I have already published my adventure wrap up and PhD wrap up for 2018 and now it is time for the dr.ofwhat blog wrap up.

Dr.ofwhat turned 2 during 2018 and as I have said so many times before I genuinely can’t believe how much this little blog has grown during this time.

During 2018 this website received almost 14,500 views and since starting this blog it has received over 31,000!


This year I have published more day in the life posts, posts about my adventures around Europe, USA & Australia, PhD updates, some posts of a personal nature, posts about the airbnbs I have stayed, and my gtfo plan posts (which document the end of my PhD journey.

The most popular posts this year were a pretty diverse mix of personal posts (Another Personal Story), the first post of the ‘operation gtfo’ series (Operation GTFO- step 1), the humorous thoughts PhD students have post (More thoughts every* PhD student has), and some of the featured day in the life posts.

You may have also noticed some of my posts are ‘in collaboration’ which I do get paid a small amount of money to publish- which is crazy! I never ever thought I would make even $1 through this blog so I was very humbled by that opportunity.


What is in store for 2019?!?

I really want to keep growing dr.ofwhat and I would love to get to over 50,000 views during 2019. I am going to keep posting my gtfo series, my day in the life series (and hopefully get some more featured posts- I have been a little slack lately), and some adventure posts.

I am also hoping to start up a few new series and would love to do some more collaborations during 2019 (if you want to write something please contact me!!).



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