Dr.Bachelor: my thoughts on having a PhD bachelor.

For my non-Australian readers, and for my Australian readers who unlike me are not addicted to reality TV, you may not be aware that the most eligible bachelor in Australia for 2019 is a PhD student. His name is Matt and he researchers in the area of astrophysics. For many people this means nothing apart from the fact that it sounds fancy. 

However, aside from this season providing its usual ridiculous drama and being an outlet from my own PhD, it also got me thinking. Has having a PhD Bachelor promoted PhDs? Will more people know what a PhD is? Or at least know that a Dr. title does not necessarily mean medicine?

It also got me reflecting on the other shows that have had a PhD character in previous years. Those that I can think of off the top of me head are Ross from FRIENDS and most of the characters from the Big Bang Theory. Now I don’t want to be misconstrued here, I am not suggesting that these shows and characters provide accurate portrayals of what a PhD is. BUT they do get people talking about PhDs which I personally think is a good thing. A lot of the isolation and struggles of a PhD come with the lack of awareness around what a PhD actually is or what us PhD students actually do.

So, I am glad that the bachelor took time out of his thesis writing and found the ultimate form of procrastination… living in a mansion with 20+ women trying to find love.

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