Do You Know How To Stay Healthy Whilst Travelling?

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When you’re jet setting off to another part of the world, what does your suitcase look like? You’ve got your sandals in there, at least three different outfits you can mix and match, any technology bits to keep the downtime in the hotel interesting, and a bit of sunscreen and shower gel to keep bathroom rituals comfortable. But what else can you pack in there, to make sure you’ve got everything you might ever need all securely in one place? After all, you never know when you’re going to be able to buy your essentials again!
Going off on your travels means you’re going to need a good head on your shoulders, the right knowhow to keep it happy and healthy, and some good resources in your backpack in case something goes awry. And a lot of people tend to forget about these matters – you’re off travelling, it’s meant to all be fun and games! But in reality, you’re going to need to remember every little detail about your own health, how you handle it in regular occurrences, and crank that up to 11 if you’re planning to visit the other side of the world.
So with all that in mind, let’s make sure you know how to look after yourself whilst you’re travelling with a few of the pointers below. You never know when you might be in need!


Always Have Some Emergency Money
No matter where you’re headed in the world, even if you’re just going downtown in your own neighborhood, you should take some spare money with you. And this principle applies even more if you’re headed to the other side of the world – you never know when you’re going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, and have to pay for a bus or a train or even a taxi to take you back to civilisation. Not only that, but it’s also a good way to make sure you can afford the fee of having your rent a car towed back to a local garage and fixed up ready for you to be off again!
If you’re not worried about the travel aspect of things, seeing as you have a very good sense of direction and some trusty map reading skills, as well as a pair of legs that could take you anywhere, you might need the money for accommodation, food, or health matters. You might need another night in the hotel or hostel because you missed your flight, or you might need to grab some snacks on the way back to where you’re staying because you missed lunch. All in all, it’s just a good practice to have on hand, and there’s plenty of places you can stash a few bills safely on your person.
Take a Satellite Phone
Satellite phones have been around for a while, and you should think about investing in one if you’re off travelling in remote wildernesses or up and down mountains and hillscapes. After all, there’s not very many cellphone towers or radio wave friendly zones out there, and you’re always going to want to keep in touch with people back at home or at base because of this.
If you’re going away for the first time in your adult life, or you’re headed off on your own for the first time, a satellite phone might just be the best option for keeping yourself safe. After all, being able to contact friends and family at anytime from anywhere really can offer you a greater sense of personal safety.
Of course, satellite phones can be a bit pricey, and there’s all sorts of guides out there about how you can modify your regular phone to connect to orbiting satellites, but you need to remember there’s quite a few countries out there who restrict their use entirely. Make sure you’re aware of these rules and regulations to keep yourself out of trouble whilst you’re overseas – being aware of the laws that affect you and your rights within them is a great bit of knowledge to brush up on before you go away.
Make Sure You’ve Packed a First Aid Kit
First aid kits are essential to making sure you’re always safe and in good health whilst you’re backpacking across Australia or spending some time in the Amazon Rainforest. After all, there’s all kinds of hazards and dangers to your body from even just stepping outside your house, never mind an exotic and tropical landscape!
So you’re going to need to pack yourself up a first aid kit, and not just a normal, perfectly standard one you can get from the supermarket as well. You’re going to want to pack in a few more bandages than those offer at least, as well as some common medicines such as painkillers or something for the heartburn you’re going to experience after you try your first bona fide Indian curry.
And depending on the kind of medical problems you experience when you’re at home, you’re going to want to outfit your first aid kit with plenty of resources to deal with these as well. Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean your body and its immune system are too! Say, if you’re a diabetic, you’re going to need to take your insulin. If you experience UTIs on a fairly common basis, you might want to pack something like Ural. Just keep your own health and comfort in mind, and never let yourself think you’ll ‘make do’ for less hassle during the packing stage!

Pay Attention to Your Diet
Your diet is probably the last thing you want to focus on whilst you’re away travelling, seeing as you’re trying out all new cuisines and fitting yourself into different cultures. But if you don’t get the right food groups in the right amounts at least 3 days a week, you might notice your stamina dropping as time goes on. You want to always be able to enjoy whatever adventure you’ve gone off on, and that means eating well and paying attention to what’s in your current diet.
So make sure you have access to plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and always have at least two bottles of water packed in the bag on your back. There’s always going to be a nearby supermarket or market stall that sells these kinds of fresh foods in bulk, and you can pick up some relatively cheaply to keep for the next couple of days or so. Apples and bananas are particularly useful for having in easy reach, considering all the natural sugars that will power you better than any chocolate bar.
Not only that, but if you learn to read the menus of the restaurants in the town you’re visiting fairly well, you can learn to order the healthier items out of the kitchen. Get something packed with rich, leafy green vegetables, and feel yourself glow when you wake up the next morning. You’ll be able to go further for longer, because your body is sated and full of energy, and there’s a chance you got a better night’s sleep as well!
Stay Outdoors
Of course you’re going to be outdoors when you’re travelling, you wouldn’t have bothered going away otherwise. But when you really factor in all the activities you want to get up to whilst you’re away in another country for three or four days, how many of them take place indoors? How many museums or galleries are you going to spend hours in? How many bars or restaurants will you spend whole evenings and half the night in? How many hotels will you stay in, where you won’t crawl out of bed until 11am at least?
If the answer to the above questions is that you’ll spend 90% of your next adventure indoors, you’re going to need to rethink your itinerary. You need to make sure that on your next travels, you’re factoring in at least 3 hours of sparse sunlight, and going for plenty of walks within it. You want to soak up plenty of those rays for better Vitamin D production, to make you feel happier and lighter whilst you’re away on holiday. It’s what will earn you the best memories!
So, Ready for the Next Great Adventure?
Of course you are, you love to travel! But you’re going to need to make sure you’re looking after yourself properly whilst you’re away, which you may not have before now. You want your body to have as good a time as you do, and that means plenty of the right foods, clean water, a bit of sun here and there, and a lot of exercise to keep you quipping. And don’t forget the first aid kit on your rush out of the door either!
If you’re someone who likes to travel on a regular basis, you’ve probably got all kinds of tips and tricks, so feel free to share them.



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