Differences between Market Research & Academia

Although both academia and market research revolve around research, that is almost where the similarities stop…


  • Deadlines are very quick in market research and they are non-negotiable. 
  • In market research you can be more creative with data visualisation as you’re not restricted by journal rules or formatting styles
  • Work hours are less flexible in market research than in academia (although there is still flexibility!)
  • Academics get to attend a lot more conferences, all over the world!
  • Less referencing in market research (big win!)
  • In market research, simple statistics tell big stories. A lot of the reports only use descriptive statistics but it is the way we report the data and tell the story that provides meaningful results
  • You reach sample sizes quickly in market research and you don’t have to do much of the recruiting yourself
  • There is much more qualitative research in market research than academia. Open-ended questions, interviews, and focus groups!
  • You work on more projects simultaneously in market research- sometimes upwards of 10 projects at the same time
  • Market research is a business so there is a lot of pressure on $$$ (more overt pressure than academia which does have covert grant pressures)

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