December’s top 3

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Product- Hydrating Mist

I got this hydrating mist in the most recent ‘The Change Box’. It is such a great product. You just spray it on your face to rehydrate and wake you up a little. It is packed in my carryon luggage as I think it will be perfect for travelling around the snow (which can really dry your skin).


Product- The Lens Ball

I got sucked into one of those Instagram adverts that pop up and ordered one of the small lens balls! I wasn’t even sure if it would arrive (I get nervous ordering off websites I don’t know much about). But it came and I love it! It does however get very, very hot if you hold it out in the sun for too long.


Conservation Trick- Newspaper for wrapping paper!

My sister wrapped all her Christmas presents in newspaper this year. Unfortunately, I was so unorganised this year so I wrapped my presents the night before using whatever paper I could find at my parents, but next year I will be using newspaper!


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