Day-to-Day life of a PhD student (Adventuring in Dublin, Ireland): 13th January 2017

This is another adventure version of the ‘day-to-day life of a PhD student’, if you have not seen the Scotland one yet go here 


9:41am-  I accidently slept for 15 hours last night! I guess that is what happens the night after a 13 night Contiki tour!


10:45am- After getting ready and spending the morning calling family back home, I have found a bagel bar for breakfast. This is probably the best coffee I have had since arriving in Europe.


11:26am- I am now exploring Trinity College, and getting major campus envy!


12:27pm-  After finishing exploring Trinity college and The Old Library I spent some time wandering the shops looking for gloves (I have lost 3 pairs since arriving!).


12:50pm- I am now back in the hotel room catching up on some emails! #phdlife


2:12pm-  Because I had breakfast so late I decided to only gave a small lunch and a Chai latte!


3:38pm- Back in the hotel room now watching some Irish drama TV show and writing some blog posts. I wanted to have a lazy day today as I am flying out to country number 4 tomorrow morning.


4:08pm-Repacking for my flight tomorrow! I am a little worried about how much the suitcase weighs- but not much I can do about it (expect pay extra if I have too, haha!)


4:37pm- I am spoiling myself with room service tonight because I can’t be bothered getting dressed to go out and I have to be up at 6am.

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