Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 9th January 2017

Welcome to the first day in the life of a PhD student for 2017. For those of you paying attention you will know this is not the first Monday of the month- that is because I forgot last week! (I was on holidays okay, don’t judge).

6:39am- Oh how I would have loved to stay in bed for a little longer this morning, however I have way, way too much to get done today.


7:24am- I have arrived at work and am ready for a coffee and breakfast (spinach dip on toast today, yum!). I am also deleting all my spam emails and scrolling Facebook because the procrastination is real.

8:02am- I am starting my qualitative data analysis for my first study. I have so, so, so many pages to analyse, but as I always tell myself starting is the hardest part (and that part is now completed).


9:08am- You guessed it, I am still analysing the data. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that my data books have the title ‘keep calm and read all the data’, so that is what I am trying to do!

9:56am- I have finished about 10 pages of data, yay, so now I am quickly catching up on some emails I needed to send…and of course having a cheeky scroll of Instagram.

12:37pm- Just finished lunch, delicious pasta bake today! Also I am having a small break from the data analysis (which is well deserved as my brain is starting to feel messy already!)

2:39pm- Yep you guessed it, still analysing my data.

4:47pm-I just arrived at gym ready for a body balance class. This is the perfect way to end a Monday working day (although it is not the end for me today). My body always feels rejuvenated and my brain sharper after these classes.

6:17pm- Dinner was served, it was the same left over pasta bake that I had for lunch, but I am not complaining (because I didn’t have to cook it).

6:37pm- Same, same, but different. Same data analysis book, same excel spreadsheet, but different location. I am on a tight deadline for this study so I need to squeeze in as many hours as my brain will let me each day.

8:14pm- I can’t read another word, my brain hurts. I am proud of the amount I finished today, although it looks like I haven’t even made a dent. I am now sitting down watching undercover boss, yeeeeees.

9:15pm- In bed and ready for another day and more data analysis…


Until next time!

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