Day-to-day life of a PhD student: 7th of Novemeber

This is the 5th edition of a ‘day-to-day life of a Ph.D. student’. How is it November already?!


6:48am- I could not get up as early as I had hoped, but still early enough for a Monday. It is the first official day of the wildlife tourism Australia conference. This is the first full conference I have attended and whilst I am not presenting, as it is being held in my city, I thought it would be a great way to experience a conference and also to network with people in the industry.


7:27am- I am all dressed and ready to go. As it is a wildlife conference and we are walking between locations causal clothes is appropriate. However I still wanted to look as professional as possible, and just love these floral pants!


7:55am- I just arrived in the city and am enjoying a very extravagant breakfast.


8:20am- I am sneaking in some time to check emails and drink my coffee before the conference officially starts.


10:50am- It is morning break and we get free barista coffee, Winning! The conference has been great so far- listening to tourism operators, government workers and researchers all talk about wildlife tourism is extremely interesting.


12:58pm- It is now lunch time and sandwiches are on the menu (curried egg for me, only vego option which was a little disappointing!). In the last session there were some really interesting projects including a new tourism intuitive being conducted by Taronga Zoo and how tourism operators bounced back after the tragic 2015 bushfires which affected large portions of the Great Ocean Road.


3:49pm- We just walked along the river to arrive at the Adelaide Zoo, to hear about the initiatives being provided there. In particular the importance of storytelling to promote conservation was discussed which was very relevant and interesting.


4:44pm- Kath the galah came out for a fly, she even landing on my bag and ate another delegates phone. We were told Kath’s sister Kim was resting (Australian’s will enjoy the names). We then went and viewed the new nature playground which recently opened at the Adelaide Zoo.


5:59pm- I am walking back to the car which was parked a fair distance a way due to two mistakes I made in the morning- firstly I took the wrong turn meaning I could not turn right into the car park I wanted to (remember I said the conference was held in my own city, oops!) and then I got into a carpark only to accidentally go around the wrong way meaning I had to exit. Modayitis got me good.


8:09pm- I am finally enjoying dinner (microwave pasta, no judgement please) after finishing the food shopping and doing the dishes (isn’t adulthood exhausting!).


9:22pm- It is bed time, I need to be up early again for day 2 of the conference.


Until next time!

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