Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 7th January 2019

It has been a few months since I last documented one of my ‘typical’ days as a PhD student, the last one was in October to be exact.

So here is my first ‘day in the life’ post of 2019!


7.54am– I am up and ready to leave. Just making a salad roll for lunch.


8.42am- I have been at work since 8.10 and have been getting organised. I always start my mornings by checking my ‘gtfo plan’ to see what the main task I want to achieve is.


11.55am-  I went to my first kx pilates session this morning! It was so fun & hard (as I write this blog on the morning after my legs are burning!). I signed up for the Kx two week trial, and after that is finished I am hoping to do one Kx session a week and 3-4 barre sessions (which I have been doing for a little while now).


1.07pm- I am currently working on splitting my study 2 into two chapters/articles. It is a lot of fiddly work so I tend to work on it for an hour or so each day.


2.40pm-  A nice iced coffee date surprise to break up the afternoon 🙂


3.29pm-  Annoying- as I was making my appendix for study 1 I realised that my master excel spreadsheet was missing information on 100/501 shark species (WHY BRI WHY?!). So now I am having to go back through them all the fill in the gaps.


4.59pm- Back working on study 2, making a figure- this was actually tomorrow’s task so I am ahead !


7.11pm-  I have been home for an hour or so and have done the dishes, put a load of washing on, and watered my plant babies.

My sister (who is one of my roommates) cooked up a huge plate of veggies for us for dinner!


8.55pm Roommate hangs. I live with my sister and good friend now and we often don’t get many nights with us three hanging out so we take advantage when we do. Watching ‘You’ on Netflix, which I think is extremely overrated (don’t tell my roommate that- he loves it).


10.12pm-Sleep time!

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