Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 7th August 2017


7:13am: I told myself I would get up before 7 to have a super productive morning, but bed was so warm, and my to do list was so long….. I am not too late at least!


7:58am: I treated myself yesterday & purchased a new Surface Book (I will upload a blog post about it later in the week!). I am currently transferring documents from my old one to my new one.


8:42am: Doing a quick clean up… with the “help” of Frodo!


9:13am: For one of my volunteer roles I present at schools about conservation and science/research. I am currently preparing a slideshow for my science week presentations which I am doing next week!


10:12am: I am waiting for my hairdresser to arrive (perks of having a cousin for a hairdresser!), so I thought I would sneak in some of the meta-analysis work I am doing for my good PhD pal.


11:40am: Hair cut done! Now time to make lunch and then leave for work.


1:29pm: Office time. Still working on my science week presentation and activities!


2:58pm: Now time for a phone meeting, again for my volunteer role (it is taking up lots of my time today).


4:02pm: Now time for a meeting for my other volunteer role


5:40pm: The meeting is over. We had a guest speaker today talking about how to effectively communicate stories and use social media. She was wonderful- & I actually learnt a lot of information relevant for my blog.


6:52pm: So happy to be home to see this little face (…..& my partner). The traffic was stressful and I am ready for bed as I have an early start tomorrow.


7:43pm: In bed scrolling Instagram before 8pm. That’s living.

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