Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 6th November 2017

It has been a few months since I documented one of my PhD days, so here goes (if you haven’t seen the August one you can do so here).


9:50am: I forgot to take an earlier picture (I am out of practice from missing some months), but I just arrived at my house and am watering all my plant babies. I have been spending most nights at my parents house lately.



10:50am: I have finally arrived at the office (this is my first official day back at my PhD after around 8 weeks off). First task is to clean my desk up a little bit- also note that Jake is always there looking up at me, for inspiration.


11:18am: Task two- get coffee. There is a new pop-up coffee van on campus which is delicious. I am using my new KeepCup that I purchased from the Ziggy Alberts Concert on the weekend (


11:54am:  I am now sending off recruitment emails whilst listening to Spotify!


1:44pm: The girls in the office and I decided to venture out of our windowless room for lunch. I had roast veggies on fresh bread- yuuum!


2:40pm: Time for more marking. This is the last assignment for the semester! I think I would have marked close to 500 assignments by the end on November!


3:27pm: Still marking!


4:10pm:  I’m leaving campus now to avoid the bad traffic, and also because the first day back was exhausting (especially when realising  just how much work I have to do before the end of the year).


4:51pm: Froggy was very happy when I got home!


6:10pm: Walk time! Walking Frodo is currently not an easy task as he weighs more than me, currently likes to pull on his lead, and likes to bark at people. But he is learning!


9:01pm:  Relaxing watching TV, after having Mexican for dinner. Ready for a big day tomorrow (and the rest of the week) to try to smash out some work.

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