Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 6th March 2017

6:32am- Up bright and early this morning after a good sleep last night (Yay!)

6:57am- I am all ready for work and quickly doing the dishes, so I don’t have to do them tonight (future me will be thankful)

7:30am- As a reward for getting up early, and having cash left over from the weekend I got a barista made coffee! Best way to start the week!

7:59am- I ate breakfast and checked my inbox. I am now quickly uploading my first vlog from my Tasmanian Adventures.

8:45am- Working on creating my surveys in surveymonkey. I have three to make for study 2.

9:59am- Just arrived at my shift at the bookstore at uni (I do a couple of shifts during the busy period) and there was an evacuation drill, meaning I get paid for 20minutes of sitting on the lawn

11:42am- The shift is dragging, because it is extremely quiet. I am grateful for the extra cash but would love some customers to serve

1:02pm– Finished work! Yay!

2:36pm- Have just finished eating lunch and now back on surveymonkey.

4:00pm- I have just arrived in the city for my citizen science meeting, late (as it starts at 4 and I am still walking there). I hate being late, but luckily this meeting is informal.

6:09pm- I am having a quick meeting with one of my supervisors after the citizen science meeting. I have learnt that you have to take any opportunity to meet with supervisors you can, as they are so busy.

7:21pm- Finally on the way home and quickly stopping off to buy bread which we forgot in the weekly food shopping.

7:34pm- Dinner time! Roast Veggies!

10:40pm- After dinner I relaxed, watched TV, cleaned up the kitchen, and now I am turning off the TV and turning in for the day.

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