Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 6th February 2017


6:46am- This is way too early to get up after a weekend away, however I am still helping my office pal Tina with her meta-analysis and we need to finish my part today. There is no time to complain, only time for coffee!

7:40am– I have arrived at work, after popping to the food shops to top up breakfast supplies. It is seriously cold and rainy today (considering it is Australian summer!).

8:44am- After eating breakfast, checking emails, and having a caffeine fix, we are ready to start going through 300 abstracts to find only relevant ones (sounds fun right?).

9:55am – A second coffee is already needed today.

10:58am- We are having a quick break, as we are celebrating Tina’s birthday! Office birthdays are always a great excuse to eat delicious desserts and to procrastinate.

1:42pm- I just finished lunch (spinach dip on English muffins) and we are still working through the abstracts, we are seriously fighting against the clock today. It is such a tedious task! I have hardly even scrolled Instagram today, so you know it has been a busy day!

2:45pm- Look at that! AN EMPTY ENDNOTE! Yay!

3:42pm- I have arrived in the city for the first citizen science meeting of the year, it is still cold but at least the rain has stopped! After the long day of reading abstracts I am most definitely ready for bed, but unfortunately there is way too much to get done before that.

5:36pm- The citizen science meeting is over which means home time!

6:26pm- Food shopping day!

7:01pm- Blog post & meeting notes writing whilst cooking pasta for dinner!

7:52pm- Made enough dinner for tomorrow night as well so I can do a later evening at work! Check out these cute ‘Wrappa Bees’ (a reusable alternative to clingwrap, and they come in the cutest patterns

8:50pm- Unpacking the washing whilst watching married at first sight (no judgement please, I needed to end today with some ridiculous reality TV!).

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