Day-to-day life of a PhD student: 5th September 2016

So this is the third installment of ‘day-to-day life of a PhD student’. This time, it is a run through of my day on the 5th of September 2016.

6:45am– Alarm went off, and was not as welcomed as previous Monday mornings. I am nursing an ever so slight queasy tummy, due to the wine tour yesterday. Regardless, I have too much to do today to stay in bed.

8:03am– I stayed at my parents house last night, meaning that the drive to uni is about an hour. So I rewarded myself (for driving forever) with a coffee. Teleportation could not get invented soon enough.

8:54am– I quickly stopped pass home to get dressed into something more appropriate than my gym clothes (which was all I took to my parents-oops).

10:24am- Second coffee of the day was overdue. I left my large mug at home so I have to use this tiny one instead. Speaking of forgetting things, I realised I left my washing and food (a present from my Gran, what a hunny!) at my parents’ house. It has been a rough morning.

11:25am- I am working on my proposal candidature presentation, which is on Thursday! Eek!

1:24pm- I am having lunch at a local café- a raspberry mint Ice tea is really hitting the spot.

2:07pm- I squeezed in time to do the grocery shopping for this week- my least favourite part if definitely putting it all away. I came home early from uni to practice my presentation out a loud- I didn’t want to annoy the office girls by talking out a loud (I feel that getting them to listen to the presentation twice in punishment enough).

2:46pm– As I have a citizen science meeting this afternoon I thought I would cook dinner now, future me will thank me for this.

3:44pm- It is such a stunning day today- Spring has sprung, so walking a couple of streets to get to the citizen science meeting is actually really lovely… apart from the fact I am lugging around a heavy bag.

5.41 (1)
5:41pm- Another successful citizen science meeting has been had- now home time. Yay

7:01pm- I am already in bed (don’t judge) watching TV. I am also reading over my presentation notes. I normally do not study in my bed, as I do not want my bed to be associated with stress and studying, but as it was only reading, I made an exception. Plus- I need to do all I can to remember this darn presentation!

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