Day-to-day life of a PhD student: 5th of December

The last edition of ‘day-to-day life of a PhD student’ for 2016~

7:28am- I struggled to wake up this morning as I am still trying to catch up on the sleep I lost while I was on my road trip adventures. However, there is too much that needs to be done this week to dwell on the tiredness.

8:07am- I am ready and leaving the house, I ended up getting ready quicker than I expected.

8:35am- Coffee #1 which I am sure will not be my last today. I am going through my 250 emails (I was only away for 5 days!) and what makes it even worse is only 5 were relevant.

10:41am- Coffee #2 whilst continuing to work on my data collection for study 1 which is a tedious task- but old school Avril Lavigne makes it a bit more bearable.

11:43am- Multitasking and writing my blog post about my road trip (stay tuned).

12:49pm- Lunch time, nut-free pesto pasta, which is delicious! There is no time for an actual lunch break so I am switching between taking forkful and exporting my data.

2:41pm- Being distracted by in-depth office Harry Potter discussions- Luckily I can export my data and discuss old mate Harry at the same time.

3:38pm- Just arrived in the city for the last citizen science meeting of the year- there is much to discuss including grants (which meant the meeting was busier than normal).


6:02pm– Arrived at home and I am more than ready to get changed into comfy clothes and eat dinner.

6:37pm- Dinner was nut free pesto pasta (again), because I made around 10 kilos of it. This meant I just had to put dinner in the microwave- winning!

6:56pm- In bed and watching behind the scenes Harry Potter. Jake & I purchased the box set on the weekend and are watching all the films, as well as the behind the scenes disk that accompanies each movie. My day revolved around Harry Potter today… which meant it was a good day!

Until next year…

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