Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 5th June 2017


7:30am- I need to get up and face the day! I have a lot of marking that needs to get done.

27:46am- A quick coffee to start the day, and defrost my hands (it has been so cold in the mornings recently, I’m talking 3 degrees cold).

38:41am- I have had breakfast & am now sending off recruitment emails for my study two follow-up survey. Hopefully my recruitment will be done in the next few weeks.

49:20am- Marking time! My messy scribbles that occur whenever I am marking assignments.

510:56am- Frodo & I make a trip to the pet food shop, He got the ride shotgun due to my car being filled with equipment for my volunteering role!

611:45am- Have made a quick stop to the food shop for ingredients to make tonight’s & tomorrow night’s dinner.

712:56pm- I got through another couple of assignments and now making lunch (fried rice!).

81:57pm- You guessed it, more marking!

92:58pm- Ready to leave for my citizen science meeting.

103:53pm- Walking into the meeting. It is such a beautiful sunny winter’s day today, and the city it looking extra pretty.

115:33pm- Yay my meeting is finished, but at the worst possible traffic time!
126:22pm- Had to make a quick stop off at Officeworks to print some information for tomorrow (I am presenting to students about sustainability for my volunteer role).

139:44pm- After eating dinner, showering & watching TV I am logging off!


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