Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 4th February 2019


6.25am- Early wake up this morning. My morning schedule varies depending on what I’m doing, but I always feel productive if I get up before 7.


7.33am- watering my plant babies! My chillies are doing so well (apart from the dead one you can spot). I also got spring onions over the weekend, so hopefully they go well too!


8.38am-  I am at work and have checked my emails and am now checking my to-do list. I want to get this all done today so it is going to be busy. These are all changes that I need to make to my study 1 before sending it back to my supervisors on Wednesday.


10.25am- Working on my list and making a protocol diagram for my methods section.


11.41am- Iced long black 100000% needed today.


12.24pm- About to head into a meeting with potential honours students. I am going to be co-supervising psychology honours students with my supervisor this year which I am really excited about.


4.14pm- Meetings are done, and quick afternoon tea in the sunshine also done! I am now adding sections to my introduction.


5.10pm-  So so close to finished! Just need to do #13!


6.23pm-  Leaving work !


7.49pm- Since getting home at 7 I have had dinner- my sister cooked it for me (I cooked last night), showered, and got into comfy clothes ready to relax for the rest of the night…. probably by watching some trashy TV.


9.52pm- Curling into bed!

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