Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 3rd July 2017

17:24am- Although I should be getting up now, as I had a big weekend & it is rather chilly I cannot bare to get out of bed yet. I will let myself have another half an hour sleep (treat yo’ self right?).

28:19am- I am up and ready to take on the world…. Well more accurately ready to make a coffee & send off recruitment emails.


8:50am- Frodo decided it was play time…


10:00am- I made a mistake in one section of my thematic analysis by doubling up on the content, so I am now deleted the doubled up data 1 by 1, which is tedious, but easy enough that I can watch Netflix at the same time.


12:37pm: After finishing step 1 of my thematic analysis, FINALLY, I quickly popped to the grocery store and am now waiting for lunch to be ready.


1:50pm: Just arrived at work, I don’t spend as much time in the office as I used to (before I moved into the new house and acquired a Frodo), but I still try to get in there 2-3 times a week.


2:42pm-  I have just finished printing out some pages for step 2 of my thematic analysis (which is condensing themes down).


3:55pm: Just arrived in the city for my citizen science meeting, it is freezing!


6:00pm: The meeting went a little longer today, mainly because I had a quick catch up with one of my PhD supervisors.  It is super wet & dark, I just want to get home.


6:47pm: I am always happy to be greeted by this guy! Now it is time for dinner (microwave dinner- adult life).


7:16pm: Just a little bit more work to do (emails & recruitment things!)


7:55pm: Finally in bed, it has been a long day, and it will be a long week so always happy to be snuggled in bed.

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