Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 3rd April 2017

7:40am- I had a little sleep in on this Monday morning as I was exhausted from a busy weekend, and I am also feeling a quite under the weather today. Which is upsetting as we were planning on having an early morning surf!

8:04am- Jake & I both stayed at my family’s house last night so we were spoiled and woke up to a coffee this morning.

9:33am- Running errands at the hardware store for Jake on our way home, I am having such a lazy morning for a Monday!

10:56am- Still running errands, and still feeling crappy (actually to be truthful I am starting to feel worse). But, I scored a funky shirt in the Op shop! Winning.

12:06pm- I have finally made it to work and I’m enjoying a lunch with the office girls and soaking up the sun.

12:38- I’m now quickly finalising some documents before I have a quick meeting with my supervisor.

2:08pm- I’m back from my meeting and feeling very daunted by my todo list. I seriously do not have time to be sick this week.

2:50pm- Work has consisted of emails, emails, and yep you guessed it more emails today. Mondays are often bad for this but today is exceptionally bad.

3:12pm- I have finished all my important emails so I’m now heading home to relax and hopefully stop this sickness before it gets worse.

3:50pm-  I have snuggled back into bed to cozy up and watch some TV.

4:29pm-  Lately I have really been enjoying doing my craft at the end of the days, I find it is a great way for me to unwind and stop thinking about work. Today I am starting to embroider my funky op shop find!

5:40pm-  As i’m sick, the kitchen is half in boxes (the joys of moving house), and the food shopping has not yet been done, we settled for Uber Eats!!

6:53pm- Back cozy in bed!


9:07pm- We are finishing up watching a Nashville episode (I am currently obsessed) and then off to sleep I go, to hopefully wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face my todo list!

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