Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 2nd April 2019


6.00am- Early morning wake up today for research assistant work!


6.34am- It definitely feels like it is going to be a three (or four) coffee kind of day.


7.18am-Such a pretty sky over the city this morning. I love being in Adelaide early in the morning- it is a sleepy and relaxed city always, but particularly before 8am!

56184250_457813828292933_5822810149575720960_n 8.58am- As part of my research assistant work we go out and do fitness testing and measurements on students. My colleague (and friend/ fellow phd student) are just setting up all the equipment.


1.13pm- It has been a really busy day- there were more students to get through than we thought so it has been back to back data collection.


2.26pm- Back in the city and heading back to my car after packing up all the research assistant materials. I had a meeting which started at 2.26 so I am going to be laaaaate (its okay though! haha).


3.47pm- I got back to the office in time to catch the end of my meeting. It was with my supervisor and our honours student (I am co-supervising). We are doing a project on slow fashion attitudes which is super exciting and I have loved the supervising role so far!

Now I am filling out paperwork for my new online tutoring position.


5.43pm- Leaving work at a decent time today!!


7.09pm- After I got home, we went for a really nice long walk – enjoying daylight savings while we can!


9.25pm- I had a really nice and relaxing night- I get home after 8pm a lot of weeknights so when I am home at 6pm it is a nice change.

Now we have a spontaneous trip to pick up a really cheap surfboard from the city- the guy is touring around Australia and leaving Adelaide tomorrow so we had to rush out to get it.



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