Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 25th September 2018


6.50am- Frog is even less keen to get up than I am!


7.09am- But first coffee (as always).

3 7.40am- Taking Frog for his morning walk to the park at the end of the street. It is such a nice spring morning!


9.22am- At the office now- Checking on my todo list. First up is admin and emails (like most mornings).


10.19am- I am now working on my conference presentation for Consmark2018  which is being held in USA. I leave in a little over 3 weeks which is excited and stressful!


1.06pm- Still working on my presentation. I am discussing the results of my first PhD study which focused on media portrayals of sharks and how this impacts people’s fear and perceptions of risk.


2.26pm- I am now working on Chapter 1 of my thesis (which is an introduction chapter discussing human impacts in the environment and sharks).


5.10pm- Leaving campus at a decent time today!


5.54pm- Walk #2 for frog! He is normally lucky enough to get two short walks to tire him out, and it is really nice for me to get outside too.


7.16pm- Have finished dinner (pasta!), and am now working again. This time I am interviewing participants over the phone for a research assistant job I am recently started working on. Part of the work is interviewing children about their daily activities which is super funny and cute!

The interviews finished up around 7.30, then I relaxed & read in bed!


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