Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 25th June 2018


6:24am-  Early start this morning! The cold winter weather definitely makes it harder to get up.


6:42am: Coffee time! My Nespresso machine was well worth the money.


7:46am: Just got to work (early like I was hoping), and I am starting to go through my statistics output. I am trying to develop a reliable and short survey for study 3.


10:11am: My PhD pal decided that our office should have a writing morning every Monday. Where we write in 25 minute blocks (no phones, emails, or internet). Today was our first one!


12:18pm: Our first writing morning is over and was a huge success! I wrote 1500 words (my Three Minute Thesis draft and part of my introduction for my second study).


1:38pm:  I just had lunch and I am now starting to analyse the statistics output again.


4:42pm: Yep, still analysing the statistics output!


5:22pm- Leaving work! I had a really productive day and almost finished all the analysis. Just a little bit more to get through tomorrow morning.


6:19pm:  I just arrived at dinner and drinks with my good friend. Such a great way to end a Monday.


8:15pm:  I just got home from dinner, and I’m quickly doing some emails and blog stuff before bed.


10:21pm:  Finally sleep time!

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