Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 1st May 2017

This is the first ‘day in the life of a PhD student’ post in our new house & with our new furbaby


6:47am- Waking up early to this little fluffball who has decided it is play time.


8.07am8:07am- I am actually sick (again), if you read last month’s post I was sick then also! Don’t worry I haven’t been sick for the whole month, I got completely better and now have come down with a head cold. So I am working from home today under a blanket. Breakfast is oats and tea!

8.47am8:47am- I am sending out my recruitment emails to the participants in my second study (yay, things are moving along).

9.48am9:48am– Play break with Frodo! Because he is still so young (currently 9 weeks) he sleeps a lot and his play time is only short- which is good for my productivity.

10.44am10:44am- The best thing about my data analysis for study one is it is easy to do in front of the TV… the worst part is that I am still in stage 1 of analysis (& am about 3 months behind my original deadlines).

11am11:27am- Another quick play break!

11.50am11:50am- Ready for my phone meeting. As part of my citizen science volunteer committee position I am on the organising committee for next year’s conference and today was the first phone meeting.

1.07pm1:07pm- The meeting is over, and as you can see I scribbled down many messy notes (the sign of a productive phone meeting).

2.22pm2:22pm– I am back laying down as I am unfortunately feeling progressively worse.

3.32pm3:32pm- More work to be done… data analysis and replying to emails.

4.10pm4:10pm- On SurveyMonkey checking if any more people have completed my survey for my second study. Luckily for me 10 people have done it today!


5:33pm- Back laying down again (I promise I am not normally this lazy when I’m not sick).

6.58pm6:58pm- Moved into bed with this big fluffer for a snuggle.

8.38pm8:38pm- Sleep time, I’m hoping that rest will make my sickness go away ASAP.

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