Day-to-day life of a PhD student: 1st August 2016

So this is the second installment of ‘day-to-day life of a PhD student’. This time, it is a run through of my day on the 1st of August 2016.

6:47am- Like last time I wrote this blog, I woke up to my boyfriend’s alarm after a much needed long sleep (I had very few hours on Saturday night!).


7:53am- I just arrived at university and am checking my to-do list which is full of articles to read for my first study, plus other things! I need to have a productive day today because the rest of my week is full of appointments, shifts at the University book store and meetings, I feel like there will be a few later nights this week. I am also currently drinking a delicious banana berry smoothie that I made.

8:41am- I am working on my Ph.D. proposal and am currently going through track changes and comments from one of my supervisors. I am so close to finishing it now, I just have to stay motivated for the last couple of drafts. Also I just had some raisin toast and the first coffee of the day.

9:42am- I am still working on the proposal track changes… but I only have one more comment to address… and then a lot of general editing. My Spotify playlist “Dinner Acoustics” is getting me through (just).
10:37am- I am reading an article about citizen science. Like last Monday, I have a citizen science meeting tonight (they also occur on the first Monday of each month). In this meeting we are going to have an in-depth discussion about the paper, and as I am the newly appointed chair person, it is reasonably important that I read it!

11:59am- I just started reading a journal article for my first Ph.D. study. I am using my favourite surface app, Drawboard so that I can highlight the important parts on my surface and there is no need to print out all the articles.

1:02pm- Lunch time! I just finished reading that article and so it is time to enjoy some mash potato + veggies! Perfect lunch for a rainy day like today.

3:02pm- I am in the car. I just joined up to the gym (which in a previous blog post I said I wouldn’t do- but I caved and realised the money was worth it for the gym classes that I enjoy!). Now it is just a matter of actually going…

3:39pm- I got to the city (for the citizen science meeting) way too early, which is actually normal for me, I always give myself way too much time to get places. So, I had time to sit down at a café, have a coffee (only the second one for the day!) and continue with some writing.

6:12pm- I just got home after the citizen science meeting. As it is winter, it is really dark and cold outside and I am looking forward to making stirfry for dinner, getting in my pjs and watching TV.

8:58pm- Although it is only 9 o’clock it is bed time! I have to get up early for an appointment in the morning, and I am still catching up on the lack of sleep I had over the weekend! Another day is done…

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