Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 13th May 2019


7.50am- Up, showered, and dressed- ready to tackle the busy Monday ahead


8.04am- No coffee can be had today because my beloved machine is not working (I am in the process of getting it fixed). Surely I can get an extension on my PhD due to lack of caffeine?


9.08am- At work looking at my deceptively small to-do list. The qual question is a lot of work and will take up more than just today- so although the list is small the amount of work is not.


10.15am- This is my thematic analysis excel book for study 3!!!! It feels great to be working on the last study, although there is still so much to do.


11.03am-The best form of study break- adventure planning!!! Hoping to get away for some mini-weekend adventures in June & July!


12.57pm- Just before I go into a meeting with my honours student I am updating my GTFO plan. I was sick last week so am behind the schedule and everything needs to get rescheduled. Also all the pink is the marking storm that is coming.


5.25pm- Okay, so the afternoon got away from me and I forgot to take photos. I had the honours supervisor meeting and then worked on a figure for publication with one of my colleagues, then I had to pick up Steve with his bike’s flat tyre, and then do some more work on publication. Now I am still working on publication and getting ready for my online tutoring shift.


8.03pm- Online tutoring shift finished. Lego Masters on.


9.05pm- Tea time, Bed time, GAME OF THRONES TIME.

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