Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 13th March 2018


6:36am– Lately most of my week days have been starting around 6:20am- mainly because the undergraduates are back at uni and they take all the car parks unless you arrive on campus early.


8:49am– I have arrived at uni and have already walked over to my favourite cafe for my caffeine hit. I’m now going to draft a friend’s job application.


11:08am- This is what a draft of a journal article looks like (full of track changes!).


2:30pm- I got bored of writing and was struggling to write any sentences that made sense, so I switched tasks back onto meta-analysis screening (I am still trying to meet my deadline of finishing this before the end of the month).


3:04pm- Back to writing, coffee needed!


5:07pm- Scheduling the next couple of days in- things are getting very busy so I need to be organised.


6:12pm- I am out for dinner with two of my oldest friends, at one of my favourite restaurants, Aperol spritz in hand- such a nice way to end the day.


9:22pm- Finally home, I think Frog is happy he can finally snuggle on my bed.


9:55pm- zzzzzzzzzzz………

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