Day in the Life of an Early Career Academic

I have shared many ‘day in the life of’ posts previously, however this is my first as an Early Career Academic!

6.36am- A slightly earlier start than usual today. Up, showered and dressed!

7.21am- Waiting at the train station! I am still getting used to this whole ‘going into the office thing’ and ‘having to catch the train’ thing (although I am only on the train for 5 minutes so I can’t complain)

7.55am- Got my coffee and made it to the office. My role as an Online Lecturer involves a loooot of student communication. My mornings consist of replying to emails, direct messages, and forum posts. Although I have a team of tutors who do shifts at night, the mornings are still busy!

8.52am- The course I am teaching this term is a first year course and my students are very anxious about the exam. So I made a powerpoint and recorded a video of ‘my 11 exam tips’ that I am going to share with them later in the week.

12.37pm- The morning has been spent communicating with students, filming the exam tips video, and calling unengaged students – now it is lunch time. I have recently found out that I have IBS, predominately caused by gluten and I am also allergic to nuts. So this is my gluten free, nut free pesto pasta (when I had limited basil!).

1.35pm- My first research project since my PhD is an image analysis ! I have in the coding process.

2.49pm- I am having to do a four week ‘engaging learners online course’. Now, I am all for professional development, but this course has been a real struggle! It is everything I already know and do. Three of the assessments are mind maps (need I say more).

4.50pm- So much of my role involves ‘putting out fires’. This afternoons fire was that the course reading link was no longer working so I had to solve that before I headed to the train station.

5.50pm- It has been a long day (even though i used to do 14+ hours day during my PhD, HA!). So a pamper night is happening. I have posted about my love for The Ordinary previously 

6.21pm- Wine in front of the funny little gas fire that we are currently using. Our air conditioner is broken (has been since we purchased the house!).

I will share another day soon.

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