Day in the Life of a Post-PhD student; Sharing my own day !

I decided it was time to share my own day again, I used to do this frequently but haven’t for probably close to two years! I am now finished my PhD (just awaiting conferral) and have accepted a full time position as an online course facilitator (online lecturer) in psychology. Here is a little of what my day looks like currently (working from home style).


7.26am- I am up, showered, and dressed ready for the big day ahead!


8.39am- Second coffee of the day (surprised it is not the third). I am currently developing / writing an introductory to psychology course for the online platform, so today I am creating the first social psychology week content.

10.49am- Short work break to play basketball! Ever since watching The Last Dance on Netflix, Steve and I have been shooting hoops and channelling our inner MJ. We have a park just down the road so it is a really nice way to spend half an hour.


1.06pm- Still working on the social psychology course content- finding some advertising clips for a persuasion learning activity.

2.31pm- I had a little nap/lay down today! This is actually extremely out of character for me, but I was feeling drained and needed a 15 minute time out.


3.29pm- I have moved on from the course content development now to working on a research manuscript- I have a few manuscripts on the go at the moment. It has been difficult to motivate myself to work on them because I am really busy with marking, teaching, new role, etc. etc. But I am trying to spend an hour a day on my own research.


3.49pm- Standard IT issue…… frozen laptop.


6.06pm- Another day, Another Zoom…… I think many of us are experiencing zoom exhaustion. This session is a drop-in session for students to ask more questions about their feedback on an assessment.

7.31pm- Work is done for the day! Sitting down to watch Masterchef.

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