Could You Work For Yourself? Getting Over Common Hurdles

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Working for yourself can often be a dream for so many But there are some common worries we can all face. It is no secret, there will always be a worry, always something in the back of your mind that will have you taking more minutes than is necessary stressing over it. You may think you are the only one to think them, but you most certainly won’t be on your own. With that in mind, here are some of the common worries you can have when you become your own boss or taking that first initial step to make it happen.


Knowing what you want to do 

One of the first things that you may want to overcome is to decide exactly what it is you want to do. Some people look at their current jobs and careers, and decide they can do it better on their own and freelance in that way. Others have taken an interest in other career options and look to maybe make a complete career change. Starting a business from home isn’t easy, so it is worth ensuring you feel passionate about it. 


Having the right certificates and qualifications 

The next step to take is to ensure that you feel confident in the skills that you have. It may be worth looking into increasing your education in certain aspects of the business, or gaining degrees, qualifications and registrations so that you can give the assurance to your customers and clients. Whether it is a certificate of registration for real estate, or something like certificates and qualifications in medical therapies, do what is necessary to make your business happen. 


Spinning all of the plates

When you work for yourself, you have no choice but to spin a lot plates. You need to spin the accounting plate, the marketing, management and sales, and then lets not forget the personal plates such as family, budgets, meal prep and generally taking care of yourself. It’s a lot for anyone to handle yet alone just a normal person like you or me. The truth is, those plates aren’t going anywhere, but you can manage them more effectively. First of all, consider how you manage your time. Time blocking can be a great way to manage your time more effectively, and can have you being a lot more focused by doing one task in bulk. You could also consider outsourcing some areas where your skills are just not best served. This is all about placing a value on your time. 


Can you afford to have that time off?

When you work for yourself, a big concern is the fear of missing out. There are two avenues of that. There is the fear of missing out on your business opportunities, potential sales or deals that you can make. Then there is the fear of missing out on that family time or vacation that you so desperately need. It can feel like a catch 22 situation. However, time away from your business, even just a few days can have you feeling more motivated and inspired to push your business forward. Even when you are employed you take vacation time, and being your own boss means that you are in a much better position to schedule this in for yourself and your family. 


Let’s hope this has helped you to feel more assured about working for yourself. 

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