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What is the first thing many of us do when we sit down to write a piece of work? Put on a playlist of course! When the piece of work you are tackling needs your concentration you require just the right playlist to not take away your attention but also to not put you to sleep. So I have come up with a short playlist of some mellow songs to help you breeze through that next piece of work! It is the perfect length of time (approximately half an hour) to have a solid writing session and then when the playlist is over reward yourself with a short break and go for a walk, or check Instagram or come back on dr.ofwhat !

Go put on the kettle, untangle your headphones and get ready to write!

Whole Wide World- Bahamas

This song will make you want to go and get on a plane to Tahiti… wait there are sharks, dolphins and wifi in Tahiti right? Webjet here I come!

Bloom- The Paper Kites

Do you want to feel like you are sleeping in a field of flowers surrounded by butterflies? I am assuming yes? So listen up!

All your favourite bands- Dawes

“may all your favourite bands stay together” – I will forever wish this upon all of you

Romeo & Juliet- Dire straights

For me this song reminds me of my beautiful sister because it is her favourite song, for you it may remind you of heartbreak and tragedy but either way it is a great song!

Nepal- San Cisco

One of my top three favourite songs- so trust me. It is good.

Mess is Mine- Vance Joy

Or any Vance Joy song- or maybe just Vance Joy in person in your work space?

Things happen- Dawes

“things happen, that’s all they ever do”- & with a little hard work good things can happen

You & I- Crystal Fighters

I do not think you can help but smile when listening to this song- you could be as stuck as ever on a sentence (what is the exact right word to explain what I am saying?) and your cheek muscles will still tighten!

What are you favourite concentration songs?

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