Coffee Cactus


A wise person once told me- “there is no productivity without coffee”- okay so I whisper this to myself every morning as I drink my one (or two) cups of coffee whilst answering emails (but I stand by the wise title!). If you are a person who survives without a morning caffeine kick then kudos to you! When I finished my first jar of coffee I could not just throw the jar away, after all that coffee got me through! I thought why not make a display out of the jars to see just how many coffee beans will be consumed during my candidature. How should I display the jars? Light bulb moment… COFFEE CACTUS!
The photos show the simple steps I followed to create my masterpiece- I literally washed out the jar, added gravel and some sand at the bottom to work as a drain (water cannot drain out of the jar). I then added some potting soil, the cactus and more sand. I chose to use rainbow sand as it is not too thick and comes in pretty colours.
Why cactus? Two reasons: Firstly Coffee Cactus just has such a ring to it. Secondly and more importantly my thumb is anything but green. As much as I have dreams of veggie gardens and cottage front yards I need a lot of practice. Cacti are hardy and need little water so when I forget to water the plant for a week it will not die (well that is the plan). There is also a  huge range of succulents to choose from so each coffee jar can look different. I placed mine on our office window shelf as it will get sunlight and makes our office look more interesting and lively.
I also thought it was a waste to throw the coffee jar lid away and decided writing a small quote or word and placing the lid next to the jar would be a good use. I choose ‘coffee cactus’  (for the purpose of the blog post), but obviously you could choose something more inspiring such as ‘dream’ or ‘just do it’ or maybe you would prefer ‘this is bulls$%t’ or ‘I h8 statistics’ depending on how you are feeling on this Monday morning.

Pay tribute to your coffee and share your coffee jar display!

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