City Profile: Edinburgh- Scotland

‘A truly pleasant surprise’

Before arriving in Edinburgh I had no idea what to expect, I had never seen photos of it on Instagram, or never seen it featured in a movie. All I really knew was that it was in Scotland and that it was the first stop on my month-long adventure.26828430_10213152809167344_811998031_o

After getting off the plane and taking a taxi into the city centre where my hotel was, I quickly realised that Edinburgh was like no other big city I’ve visited before (in a good way). To me it felt like a big small town, there are no modern buildings nor any high rises. Instead everywhere you turn there are huge castles or churches which is as magical as it sounds.

The streets are filled with character and there are so many bars, restaurants, and cafes to choose from that it was overwhelming. The cobbled streets are lit by hundreds of fairy lights and there were still Christmas decorations everywhere. Even better, all of the people I meet were friendly and welcoming.


I am a tad obsessed with real estate- I love wandering streets looking at houses and imagining what the interior looks like. I spent a couple of hours wandering the suburbs of Edinburgh and loved looking at all the town houses. Although, they look identical from the outside (aside from the different coloured front doors), you can see inside many of them as they have large windows and no curtains! Obviously don’t get caught staring through the windows for too long!

In some of the places that I ate, the food was quite bland (which I was warned about). It is not that it is bad- it is just not as flavoursome as back home. Although, I did enjoy some really, really delicious waffles.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, Edinburgh needs to be on your bucketlist- you can visit the café where JK Rowling came up with the idea for the books- and after seeing the castle, school, and streets it is not hard to see where her inspiration came from.


Edinburgh is a place that I would love to go back to! It has homely, welcoming, and warm vibes, without scabbing on the fun and vibrant night life. If you ever go to Scotland book at least a few nights here.

Top five Edinburgh tips (beyond the typical ones you find on Tripadvisor):

The Spires Accommodation– I stayed in the spires which was right in the heart of the city (a people watchers dream)- the apartment was large and very


Hogmanay- If you get the chance to visit Edinburgh over new years you will not be disappointed. The Scots know how to celebrate New Years Eve arguably better than anyone else. The entire city turns into a party and fireworks are released from the castle.


The Edinburgh botanical gardens- The botanical gardens are stunning, and even more so under snow which I was lucky enough to witness.



Calton Hill- For views of the city and surrounding landscapes take a quick walk up to Calton Hill


Papii café (Hanover street)- This little cafe is where I found those absolutely delicious waffles




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