City Profile- Copenhagen, Denmark

“Hygge. Just Hygge.”

The last stop on my month-long adventure was the capital of Denmark. I was excited to relax after the crazy week in Iceland and to enjoy the Hygge. Hygge is a Denmark word that loosely translates to coziness, and is an integral concept in Danish living (it is evident everywhere).

I was surprised with how different Copenhagen was to Stockholm, as because they are so close geographically, I thought that would be really similar. But each have a distinct character, and to me, Copenhagen was more quint essential Scandinavia.


The food was amazing, and in particular the coffee is delicious! The décor of many of the cafes completely embody Hygge and make you want to sit all day long.

The buildings were so colourful and cheerful and walking along the waters edge was a great way to waste a couple of hours. One of the main things I noticed was that Danish people are so trusting (they leave their bikes untied and restaurants leave wine on outside tables).


Tivolli Food Hall- Tivolli Food Hall is an indoor ‘food court’ with heaps of different cuisines (burgers, Asian, Italian etc.). The décor is also really cute and it is a great place to escape the cold.


Wear headphones- This is a bit of a random tip, but if you are walking around the main shopping streets by yourself, I would recommend to wear headphones (even if you don’t actually have music playing). There are heaps of sales/charity workers that continually bail you up. I have no problem supporting charities (I donate both my time and money to them), however I don’t like getting bailed up when I’m shopping- wearing headphones worked a treat.


Nyhavn- This one is found on tripadvisor, but it is worth it. The colourful houses, old boats, and cute restaurants are definitely a highlight.


Hire a bike- Copenhagen is perfectly set up for riding bikes! There are bike lanes everywhere and cars look out for bike rider. They are also cheap to hire!

Accommodation, Best Western Hebron- I stayed at the Best Western hotel which was in a good location (close to bars, Tivolli gardens, and easy to walk to the shops and Nyhavn). The rooms were a little outdated, and the walls thin, but the breakfast made up for it! There was even a waffle maker (need I say more?).



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