Creating a More Efficient Home

** In Collaboration **  Energy efficiency is something that we’re all growing more concerned about. An inefficient home can be bad for the environment, it can be cold, and it can mean that your energy bills are much higher than they need to be. On the other hand, an efficient home is comfortable, often happier and more relaxed, with far more reasonable energy bills and is significantly more environmentally friendly.  You may worry that creating a more efficient home will be costly, time-consuming, or that it will uproot your home life. Fortunately, many of the changes are small, easy, and quick to implement. Let’s take a look at some of them.  Look at Your Heating Old heating systems can be poor quality, expensive, and especially wasteful. If your bills are very high, but your home never seems to be a comfortable temperature, start by looking into more efficient gas heating systems. Make Some Repairs Often, our homes become more inefficient over time. If your radiators need bleeding, they may be less effective. If your window seals are damaged, they may be letting heat out in the winter, and warm air in during the summer months. Damaged windows and doors can also lead to a wasteful loss of energy. Walk around your home and make a list of anything that needs repairing.  Change Your Habits Another very common cause of loss of heat and wasted energy at home is our own […]

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