3 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Your Impact On The Planet 100%

** In Collaboration**  Trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is often a very daunting task. It seems like every single day we discover a new way that we’re damaging the environment without even realizing it. It’s not just about walking instead of taking the car (although that is a big help), it’s about the things that you buy, the places you go, and the food that you eat. A lot of people feel that they’re completely powerless to do anything to help the planet because there is always something else that they’re getting wrong, no matter how many lifestyle changes they make. The important thing to remember is that any positive change you make is a good thing regardless so you shouldn’t give up. If you are serious about reducing your impact on the environment, here are a few simple lifestyle changes that make a massive difference. Collecting Rainwater  Water consumption isn’t always talked about as much as it should be, although in the last few years, people have started to consider it more. Changes to the weather and attitudes to water use mean that the risk of water shortages in the next few decades is very real. But if we start reducing our water consumption now, we can avoid those shortages and ensure that there is enough water for everybody. One of the best and easiest ways to do that is by installing some water tanks outside to collect […]

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