Building A New House? Things To Consider!

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One of the most significant projects that you could ever commit to is the one where you build your own house. Exciting as it is, building the home of your dreams comes with strings attached. These strings are the ones that are going to bring you stress while the project is being undertaken, which is why you should be doing as much research as possible before you get underway.

There will be questions that you ask yourself along the way, and as you are embarking on your journey to the dream home you’ve pictured since childhood, you’ll need an architect by your side to make it come true. So, let’s take a look at some of the questions that you need to discuss while you are planning this monumental build.


Room For More?

The very first thing that you must consider is what rooms you want in your home. I realize that this sounds ridiculous: most people know what rooms go in a house! However, what if you want additional rooms? This is where your wishlist comes in. There should be one list of things you need and another list of things that you want. Budget pending, you should be smart here. For example, you don’t want to say that you want an outdoor swimming pool and gazebo should it not be covered in your budget! Start with the basics and make a list, as everyone has different ideas of what should go in their house.

Size Matters

Ah, the next most crucial thing to consider: size. Are you looking to build a starter home or a forever home? The difference will be in the bedrooms and the rooms that you include in this one. For example, you may want to build one storey rather than two or three, as one will be just enough for you and your family. If you have a larger family and want more space, why not think about a two or three storey home? Know the square footage that you wish to build and take a tape measure to the floor to see how big you’re thinking. Your architect will come in handy here, as this is what they do!


Money, money, money. Anyone with dreams of building their own house needs to consider the cost. It’s not just the materials and the building costs, but the electrical services, the plumbing services, the engineers, and everything else. It would help if you talked to your architect and a variety of contractors to get an idea of what this will cost you before you get started, as there is every chance that you’ll have to adjust your plans. Some of the costs that you’ve got to include involve:

  • Construction costs
  • Materials, appliances, fixtures
  • Furnishing
  • Local government fees
  • Moving costs

Whatever you do, make sure that you have a second budget to back you up!

Builders, Assemble!

It’s going to be so vital for you to have a good team with you to complete the build for you. You need to hire people that you can trust, so always get reviews and recommendations sorted before you make any kind of commitment. Never go too cheap, and don’t try to hire the less experienced to save a few dollars. You will always get what you pay for!

Last Few Points to Consider

Property Survey – Check?

Have you got this one on your list? If not, you need to add it! Architects do not do this for you, it’s all about having the right survey done. A land surveyor is the right person to call here, and while this may sound boring, it’s essential to the completion of your dream house.

Planning The Site

You’ve got your land, so how do you plan to build the house? Where is it going to be located on the property? There are a lot of issues to consider, including zoning regulations, which could have some input here. You should also find the views that you want and the ones that you don’t so that you are building something you WANT, not something you end up with having anyway.

Speaking of Zoning

Zoning regulations really do matter here, as it can limit where you can build. It can also limit the size of the house, including the roof pitch and the height. There may be restrictions on the area of the property where you are unable to build, so think about this before you get going. You can talk to your local government first, and get the right permissions.

Design Research – The Fun Bit!

Get online and research floorplans, exterior designs, areas you want to build – it’s all in the fun of designing your home before building begins. Once you know what you want, talk to your architect about it all. They’ll be able to get some drawings done for you so that you can see what your ideas look like mapped out on paper.

Is It Sustainable?

Most homes are now built to be sustainable homes, and this means that they’re designed to be energy efficient. There are a lot of reasons to build sustainably, but the main ones include:

  • Better for your wallet! Economical housing is so important and while sustainable builds cost more up front, there are many ways you’ll save on energy over the years.
  • Climate change is a thing, and it’s not going anywhere. The more you can do for the planet, the better off you will be in the long-run as a result. If we take care of the planet by building sustainable homes, we will all benefit.

Is It Durable?

The very last thing to consider is the durability. You want a home that’s going to last for years, and you want the electrics and plumbing to last for years, too. You need a house to be built with the right materials, protection and security in place so that you can remain in your dream home for as long as you want to live there.



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