Book Review; The Arrangement, Robyn Harding

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Which ever book that I chose to read after Where the Crawdads Sing had a difficult task. I absolutely adored the Delia Owens masterpiece and was struggling with a serious case of book hangover.


I decided to read The Arrangement as the blurb suggested it was vastly different to the book I had just finished, and it seemed like it would be an easy read. It was an easy read and started off being just fine. It didn’t particularly engage me at the start but it was well written and interesting enough so I continued to turn the pages. I can happily report that this story ended up being a good read, and I actually flew through it.

The story revolves around a sugar daddy relationship gone wrong, with shades of green (money, envy…), interesting characterisation, and a few twists and turns (although I did pick up on most of these). Thanks to the dynamic protagonist, what could have been a shallow story about sex and money, is a story that touches on mental health, jealously, and the incredibly thin line between love and hate.

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