Back-to-Back Road Trips


Smooth Pool

Over the silly season last year I was lucky enough to adventure on two road trips back to back, which meant I explored so many beautiful beaches, spent time with some of my favourite people, and even ticked items off my Bucketlist.

These are some of my highlights:

Smooth Pool- Smooth Pool Is on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia and is a beautiful lagoon like ‘pool’, sheltered from the crashing waves by hundreds of rocks. The pool is full of marine life (we even saw a large octopus) so snorkelling is a must, and a wetsuit is also a must as the water is super chilly. However, we weren’t complaining about the cold water, as we were enduring a 24 hour power outage (in 40 degree heat!) when we ventured down to explore smooth pool.


My sister exploring the smaller rock pools at Smooth Pool


The big pool!


Smooth Pool

Surfer’s beach- Another beautiful stretch of coast not far from smooth pool is Surfer’s beach, which as the name suggests has waves (although, small waves compared to some of the breaks in this area, particularly the day we went). The water is clear and turquoise and we even shared the waves with a pod of dolphins.


Look at that water colour!


That’s me! I swear I can stand up completely now, I just didn’t get that on camera (I know, I know, that’s what they all say)!



Baird Bay Eco Adventures- For a long time swimming with wild dolphins and sea lions (in an ethical way) has been near the top of my Bucketlist, and I was able to tick off both with one tour. The sea lions were my absolute favourite, they were so curious and playful. They would follow you around and when I dived under the water they would spin around me. Truly one of my favourite experiences to date! The tour itself was so well ran, we were provided with great education and conservation information and the guides were very strict on how you could interact with the animals, and were also strict on litter (which made me, as an ecotourism research verrrry happy!). Check out for more information.


The dolphins were a little harder to photograph as they were in deeper water


They were so much bigger than I anticipated, they actually scared me a little.


Look how cute they are!




The Sea lions were so photogenic

Vivonne Bay- My second road trip adventures took me to Kangaroo Island (off the coast of South Australia). It was my third trip to the island, and it will most definitely not be my last. We spent one morning surfing at Vivonne Bay, which like Surfer’s beach has such clear waters. Truly a gorgeous beach.


Vivonne Bay

Stokes Bay- For anyone going to Kangaroo Island Stokes Bay is a must. When you first arrive, you are completely underwhelmed as all you see is a rocky beach. However, follow the signs and venture through the rock cave and you will arrive at a hidden paradise. My photos do not even do this place justice, as on a blue skies day the water truly sparkles. Check out my short video on Instagram to see how you venture through the rocks.


Stokes Bay ft. my great pal, Louise


A seriously special place

Admiral’s Arch and Remarkable Rocks– These are other ‘must visit’ places on Kangaroo Island. Admiral’s Arch is a breeding ground for New Zealand fur seals and you could watch the young pups play for hours.


Admiral’s Arch




Remarkable Rocks!

I always feel blissful and extremely lucky after adventuring to beautiful places. Go on and explore your own backyard!


Hanson Bay, Kangaroo Island

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