Adjusting to Life after Thesis

Something I don’t think is talked about enough is adjusting to life after thesis. People had off-handily mentioned that it can be hard to know what to do once your thesis is complete because a PhD takes so much time and energy. However, no one said that it would be this hard to adjust. A PhD becomes a part of you, part of your life, and a defining feature (both positive and negative) of you, so when it is complete you ‘lose’ a big part of you. In a way you are mourning a ~300 page book, which I know sounds ridiculous. I was obviously so excited to pass my Viva and be called a Dr. for the first time, but then after a few days, when the champagne has stopped being poured and you go back to the same job, it is hard to adjust. I didn’t expect to experience an epiphany when I finished, but I thought the ecstasy may last a little longer. 

I don’t want to sound like I am ungrateful to finish my PhD because I am most definitely not, I am stoked, and I am so incredibly proud. I just wanted to highlight that the transition from PhD candidate to Dr. can be a big adjustment and you have to be kind to yourself during this period. I think for me these feelings are exaggerated due to the fact that currently I am feeling unfulfilled and underutilised in my job, this is something I will share more about in other posts.

So always be kind to yourself, and be extra kind and give yourself time to adjust to life after thesis. 


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