A PhD update

You may have noticed that I have not been talking about my PhD much lately on my blog or Instagram. This is because I have been on a break from my PhD studies since the end of August (if you are unsure why read here). At first, I genuinely thought that I would be okay to go back to work, I took the weeks off but thought I would still get some work done during that time. But I realised very quickly that I did not have the energy or mental capacity to focus on my PhD work (I spent my time grieving, marking, teaching, and trying to occupy my mind with distractions).

But now I’m back- and there is a lot to do!

My first study (which is a thematic analysis of Facebook posts and comments) is getting close to completion! I thought I was finished my data analysis only to realise that I had forgot to print 300 pages worth of posts and comments. I have analysed over 1300 posts and 25000 comments which is absolutely huge. I am hoping to have a draft completed by February (now that I have said that you can all hold me to that deadline).

My second study which is looking at a sample of the general public’s attitudes towards sharks (and also other factors). All the data has been collected so now I need to start to clean and analyse the data. I am hoping this will be done early next year.

Therefore, hopefully by April(ish), my first two studies can be completed! Which then gives me time to sort out my third study as I may make some changes to my plans, and write some chapters.

Wish me luck….I’m going to need it.


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