A PhD Update, October

As the submission date is nearing I feel like I am both on track and four years behind at the same time. 

Since the last PhD update a lot has been done:

  • Study 1 is officially published and online
  • Study 3 has been finished drafted-edits needed- and new draft sent to supervisor 
  • Study 2 unfortunately has been sitting dormant waiting to be drafted by one of my supervisors 
  • References have been checked and edited
  • Chapter 1 was drafted and one of my supervisors thinks that it needs some restructuring 
  • Discussion chapter draft is complete
  • Acknowledgments written 

So, while a lot has been done the next month needs to be particularly productive as I am handing over a full draft to my primary supervisor early November:

  • Study 2 needs to be drafted and completed (and hopefully submitted to a journal)
  • Chapter 1 restructure and drafted
  • Chapter 2 draft
  • Study 3 drafted
  • Discussion drafted
  • Write thesis summary
  • Format thesis
  • Full draft of thesis!!!!!!


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