A PhD Update (June)


It has been a little while since I last wrote a PhD update (read the one from over 6 months ago here) so I thought it was about time I wrote another one. I also really enjoy writing PhD update blogposts as they let me reflect on what I’ve achieved (and also freak me out about how much I need to get done).

So I have finished an entire draft of my study one (the thematic analysis) which genuinely feels amazing. I am finalising some editing and formatting, and then hopefully it will be submitted to a journal by next month! I will then finalise the editing for this to become a thesis chapter (the first one which will be a weight off my shoulders!).

I have cleaned the data for study 2 and have almost finished running my reliability statistics. After they are done I will be able to finalise my survey for study three (I am hoping this will be done by next month).

I will then run some comparison statistics on my study 2 data to better understand people’s attitudes towards sharks. A draft of this study/publication will also hopefully be done by the end of August (although that may be pushing it).

Aside from that I am hoping to organise study 3 (which will hopefully involve some field work to survey tourists), start writing my introduction chapter, compete in the Three Minute Thesis competition, and present at a conference in the next 4-5 months, so you could say I have my hands full!


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