A PhD Update (August).

If you haven’t read the last PhD update from June (click here).


Study 1 is almost, basically, 100% done and will be ready to submit to a journal within the fortnight (hopefully). Study 2 is now also 85% complete, which feels amazing. The plan is to attempt to submit that to a journal within 6 weeks of submitting study 1!

After weeks of reflection and discussions with my main supervisor, I have decided to change my plan for study 3, to more align with my findings from the previous two studies. Therefore, I am going to continue to focus on the impact the media has on people’s perceptions of sharks and in-turn their conservation. I am super happy about this decision to rejig my study 3, but it does mean I have to come up with a new plan and do a new ethics application.

So that is my focus for the next two months or so, in the meantime I will also be getting ready for the conference in October (in the US!), and teaching and marking.

Oh! And I also competed in the Three Minute Thesis competition, I unfortunately did not get through the first heat, but it was a good experience and I am hoping to compete again next year.

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