A Minor Injury Can Knock You Down. Here’s How You Get Back Up Again

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Every now and then  something comes along to remind us that we’re not as young as we used to be. It can be when we make a cultural reference that falls on the deaf ears of a co-worker. It can be our relative exhaustion after completing physical feats that we would have accomplished without breaking a sweat 10 years ago. Or it can be the way in which we feel so utterly debilitated after an injury like a trip, slip or fall. When we’re growing up we seem to take tumbles on a daily basis. We fall off our bikes, tumble down stairs, get into playground scuffles and seem to shrug it all off with the aplomb of a Hollywood stunt performer. Nonetheless, when we get older, our injuries can become more severe than the kind that we encounter as kids… And they can take a much heavier toll.

They can cause us to lose time at work (and potentially lose income as well). They can disrupt our healthy lifestyle and make us less active than we are used to being. They can make us unable to do the essential duties around the house that keep the home clean and serene… And they can rob us of our sense of self-worth. Here are some steps that will help you to completely and comprehensively recover from your injuries…
Get up and get moving as soon as you can, however you can
As tempting as it may be to languish on your sofa while you heal, adjusting from an active lifestyle to sedentary living won’t do your mental health any favours. Spending most of your time sitting on a sofa can increase anxiety and exacerbate depression. What’s more, all that sitting can increase your risk of a range of illnesses from heart disease to diabetes.
As such, consult your doctor and see what you can do about getting as active as possible as fast as you can. Even if you’re reliant on walking aids for a little while, it’s in your best interests to get active and get out of the home as quickly as you can for the good of your health.
Now is not the time to neglect your diet
When you’re injured and feeling vulnerable and upset, you’ll seek comfort wherever you can get it. For many of us this begins with food. We gorge on high fat, high carb, sugary or salty foods that give us a warm glowy feeling at first but can actually slow or even impede our recovery.
When your body is recovering from an injury, this is the most important time to double down on the healthy foods that will repair damaged bone and muscle tissue and help you return to your normal life.
Ask your employer if you can work from home
Finally, while you may relish the opportunity to take some time off work at first, the novelty can quickly wear off. In its wake you may find yourself without purpose (or income) while you retire which can raise stress levels which in turn can impede recovery.
With this in mind, it may be a good idea to ask your employer if there’s anything you can do for them while at home to keep you occupied and keep some money coming in while you heal.

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