A little tip for productivity

I wanted to share a little tip with you. A small habit that I acquired during high school and still use to this day. I have been asked if I have more hours in the day and whether that is how I fit so much in. I fit a lot of ‘work’ into my day is because I often work 11-12 hours + weekends… so although I don’t have more hours, I do sometimes have more work hours. However, this is not the habit I am encouraging! Aside from long work days, there is another thing has allowed me to be efficient with work.

Don’t ignore short amounts of time!

What I mean by this is I know that many people get into the habit of thinking that there is no point starting a task unless there is ample time to do that said task. While, I understand the issue of breaking up flow and productivity, particularly with a tasks such as writing, there are so many work related tasks that can be completed within 30 minutes, or 10 minutes, or even 5 minutes. 

In year 12 I used the extra half an hour spare I had in the morning to work on assessments. As an undergraduate I would spend the 10 minutes I had in the cafe before the lecture editing a paragraph. During my PhD I would spend the 45 minutes I had spare on my Saturday reading a journal article.

So my little piece of advice? Don’t always wait for the ‘perfect time’ to do a task!

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