8 Ways To Make Your New Home As Safe As Can Be

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Moving into a new house is always exciting, but to make it your safe haven in the shortest amount of time possible, you’re going to need to work towards making it safe and secure. Doing this early on will give you peace of mind, so read on for 8 ways you can make your new home as safe as can be:


  1. Install A Security Alarm System 

Start by installing a security alarm system. It might seem common sense, but you can’t be too careful and you should do this as soon as possible. With some systems, you can be alerted when you’re not at home. 

2. Use Smart Applications

Smart applications are amazing because you can use them to make it look like your home is occupied. You can use them to turn lights on, open and close the curtains, and more. You could even link it up to CCTV to check on your home when you’re not there. This is great for when you’re at work, away for the weekend, or just not home for whatever reason. 


3. Change The Locks 

Don’t leave it to chance – change the locks by contacting an experienced Locksmith as soon as you can. You just don’t know who has a spare key to your home. Inspect the doors while you’re at it to make sure they are safe, too.


4. Make Sure You Have Lighting Outside 

Having lighting outside will deter thieves and intruders. You may want to get lighting sensors that can sense when somebody is nearby. If it’s pitch black out there at night, you’re taking a risk. 

5. Eliminate Hiding Places 

Make sure there’s nowhere to hide – trees and shrubs can be a big issue. Put away ladders so that people can’t climb into the house easily. Don’t have expensive things on display in your yard either, as this may give burglars incentive to take a chance. 

6. Use Warning Signs

Even if you don’t have one, a beware of the dog sign can be a good deterrent. You should also announce your security system/cameras. 


7. Create a Burglar Decoy

Many thieves will not want to spend a long time in your home. They want to get in and out quickly and usually check the same places. By creating a decoy you’ll send them on their way quickly. Try putting a box with little cash, costume jewelry, and a few papers in your bedside draw. They will likely grab this and leave. You could also have an old, worthless laptop by the door. 


8. Don’t Put a Picture of Your Key on Facebook

Putting a picture of your new key on facebook seems to be somewhat of a trend. However, you can order a spare key online with just a few pictures for a cheap price. Imagine literally giving intruders a key to your home? Avoid taking pictures of your key! 

How are you going to make your home as safe as can be? Leave anything we’ve forgotten in the comments below – come back soon, and enjoy your new home! 


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