6 Tips to Keep Your Timber Floors Looking As Good As New

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It’s clear why timber flooring has gained immense popularity over time. Besides looking great, timber is long lasting and can be re-coated as needed. When choosing the ideal timber flooring material for your home or office, you can select from an array of timber species. The floors require regular maintenance to keep them in perfect shape.


Check out these timber flooring maintenance tips:

Give them a perfect finish

To keep your carpet one flooring shiny at all times, you should polish it using water or solvent-based polyurethane. Although both finishes are ideal and hard-wearing, most homeowners opt for the water-based ones since they dry fast and have negligible toxicity levels. You may also use tung-oil or wax.

New floors require special attention

It’s okay to walk over a newly installed floor, but some precautions are necessary for ensuring that it cures properly. The curing procedure usually takes a few days to many weeks, depending on the weather condition during application as well as the coating option you select. Avoid laying rugs and carpets until the floor hardens completely. Never use mats with rubber material because they usually stain the applied coats.

Keep them clean

Take some time to sweep or vacuum your timber floors. Irrespective of the floor finish on the material, you should remove loose particles and dust regularly. An electrostatic mop and soft-bristled broom are your best alternatives. Wipe away spills using a paper towel or a dry cloth. Place floor mats at the entryway of the timber floors to help collect grit, sand and dirt so that they don’t collect on the floor.

Take caution when using cleaning products

Stubborn blemishes and scuff marks can be removed by rubbing the floor using a wood cleaner. However, before introducing a new cleaning product, test its effect on a small portion of the floor to ensure that it is compatible with the coating. With regards to general timber floor maintenance, make sure that you only use cleaners recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid using harsh detergents, kerosene, abrasive cloths, bleach, and steel wool on the flooring.

Ongoing maintenance is necessary

The wood species used to make the timber flooring should determine the kind of care that’s required. Oil-based coatings tend to scratch more readily, and therefore, they can be patch-coated as needed. You may have to touch-up things between once and thrice a year depending on the pattern of use. Solvent and water-based polyurethanes are more durable.

Prevent damage

Just like the dictum goes, prevention is better than cure, and that’s no different for timber flooring. For instance, you should apply protective pads on the feet of the furniture pieces to avoid scratching the floors when moving furniture. If you choose to use mats, ensure that they are made using breathable material. Trim your pet’s claws to prevent them from scratching floors. As for footwear, restrain from using high heels to preserve the finishing.

That’s everything you should do to maintain your timber floors in perfect condition.


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